Radiant Warmth for Pennies per Day

The Warmth Within

After the successful operation of my Candle-lamp design, I decided to research oil burning lamps.

The benefits of using oil as fuel for a ceramic heater inspired me to create my newest design, this Radiant Heat Oil Lamp. The metal and ceramic radiator assembly is almost identical to the one used in th Candle-lamp, however the higher calorific value of the paraffin lamp oil means that this device puts out more heat.

The oil burns more steadily than a wax candle fuel source, and the flame remains at a constant distance from the radiator assembly.

It is important to keep the wick trimmed very close to the top of the glass wick holder in order to keep the flame at an optimum size.  I’ve noticed if the flame height exceeds an inch or so, some of the hydrocarbons do not completely burn and instead ride the heat up into…

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