Backpacking Knives

DSCN0489DSCN0264DSCN0264SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMy son and I took a backpacking trip recently. I was excited about trying out my new handmade backpack. It worked really well except for a couple of strap failures that need reinforcing. I used my mini survival kit with braided fishing line and sewing needle to make the repair on the trail. The neck knife was extremely handy and accessible for cutting the line. I never used my Panther during the entire trip, although I have used it a lot on other trips. Sometimes a smaller blade is more maneuverable and easier to use. This trip is not your easy stroll through the woods, but was above the tree line with boulder fields and mostly uphill ( only 1 way).I am looking forward to modifications to my pack and being able to go again.DSCN0578


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