Survival Kits

???????????????????ImageImageA basic survival kit can mean the difference between life and death. A way to start a fire, signal for help, and make a shelter is very important. The kit pictured here is one that I have put together for my Etsy shop. I carry a similar kit here in the Alaska outdoors. A way to cut wood and signal rescuers is important. A whistle is a very good tool to have. Your voice will not last long yelling for help but a whistle will carry further and will not wear out your voice. A fire striker and tinder is extra security in getting your fire started. A signal mirror can be seen for miles in the right conditions. A good knife is your main tool for making all of your other tools. Duct tape and 550 paracord has too many uses to mention, but is great to have. A poncho and emergency blanket are for emergency getting out of the elements.A wire saw is not a chain saw but packs in a very small area. A smaller kit is usually carried more often than a big one simply because of the ease of carrying.


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