Stainless steel VS Carbon steel

The newer stainless steels are great in a lot of ways but there are pros and cons to both. I live in South Central Alaska where we at times have a lot of rain. Stainless of coarse is easier to maintain in moist areas because of rust and corrosion. Stainless is not truly rust proof as some may believe, but it is rust resistant. The element that makes stainless steel stainless is chromium. Stainless has at least 14% chromium to make it stainless. The chromium has carbides that make it a very tough but brittle steel. To my knowledge I do not believe you can differentially heat treat stainless steel which means the whole blade is the same hardness. This results in a tough low maintenance, but brittle blade. On the other hand high carbon steels will rust if not taken care of with oiling occasionally. Carbon steel knives can be differentially heat treated for a hard edge and a softer spine. This makes carbon steel better when shock absorption is needed. Carbon steel is excellent for machetes and big knives used for chopping. Throwing knives would also benefit from being out of properly treated carbon steel. The steel you use should be determined by where you are and what you will be doing.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


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