Knife sharpeners

I have used a lot of different sharpeners through the years. I have used files, whet stones, tungsten v sharpeners as well as the diamond sharpeners. When sharpening for business I use a belt sander with either a 400 or 600 grit belt and a leather strop. As to which is the best sharpener on the market a lot of people have their own preference. It also depends on the steel type and what kind of edge you want. I have a 3 in 1 sharpener with a tungsten v, a flat diamond, and ceramic rods that fit in slots. Diamond works better for some of the newer steels with vanadium. The vanadium is wear resistant which is great for holding an edge until the edge is gone. Once the wear resistant steels get really dull it is hard to put an edge on without either diamond or a belt sander. For fine touch ups I like ceramic rods. They work really well if your knife isn’t too dull. Whet stones work well with carbon steel and some of the stainless steels. I am not a fan of the tungsten v sharpeners. They work really well and fast but they remove a lot of steel. I wore out a Buck in no time with one. It is much better to touch up a knife often than to let it get extremely dull. Look at the edge from directly above it. If you see shiny spots it is where the steel has flat or dull spots in it. It is easier in direct light. Have fun and keep a sharp edge.


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